Friday, November 19, 2021

18 days

18 days and counting down 
Julie and I are excited to be returning to Kyrgyzstan in just a few weeks .. It has been far too long.  I even got my new International drivers licence, and a new carry on bag from fb market place.   Our plan is to stay close to the farm and spend time with the farm family as well as getting things organized for the spring when we hope to return and possibly even start receiving teams again ..  

Right now on the farm we have started the construction of a Banya at the boys farm as past of the green house .  We were all set to start this project March of 2020 , but ended up using those finances to purchase food and medication for people during the first wave and lock downs .   At the time we put everything on the line, and now we are slowly starting to rebuild.  The new Banya will be the first big project on the farm in two years.  Something else that took a big hit over the beginning of the pandemic was our chicken flock .  We have been giving chickens for emergency food when ever there is an immediate need.  Or flock is down to about 30 chickens .. The best number for a free range chicken flock is 100 birds .. that is the optimal for chickens health and feeling of safety not to mention providing enough eggs  ... It is also the size of flock we need to maintain the apple orchard properly .. So getting chickens will hopefully be on the to do list... 

We will be leaving Canada on Dec 7.  That means that any donation we have in for the Christmas wish book  we will be able to bring with us when we go ..   Anything after that we can still get over there, but not as easily and cheep as bringing it with us ... 

Please take a look at the catalogue   and see if there is any were you would like to help. 


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