Thursday, November 11, 2021

Lots of exciting news

Read through this post until the end, there is some exciting news . 

Today we had more coal deliveries that we donated to through another humanitarian aid organization that came to the farm for help.   We are so happy that we can continue to reach out to those in need .  We expect to have our next load of 20 tons more any day .  But we know that at any point, our last load of coal will be our last. 

In the green house the boys were transplanting the cucumbers , tomatoes and peppers from the nursery beds and into the rows. 

We have started apple deliveries to the orphanages now.   What a great thing to have so many to give.  

And now for the exciting news for us..... I am sure that for the orphanages and the families who just received apples and coal  , their news was more exciting.   I just got off the web sight and have confirmed our return to Kyrgyzstan in a few weeks .. We are so excited to be able to return at this time.  It will not be a long trip but will allow us to touch base with everyone as well as start making some concrete arrangements for the future .   


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