Thursday, November 04, 2021


The need for coal has continued.  we have been able to get coal delivered to most of our families and had just started to bring in coal for the farm, and we started getting more calls ." CAN YOU HELP US ?". There are several more families up in the mountain that need some help with coal, and then another Humanitarian Aid organization  contacted us and said "CAN YOU HELP US ? "....they had some families that were in desperate shape ..  

They came out to the farm and picked up 115 bags of coal  to distribute.  

Just when I thought we were cleaned out so to speak, I was contacted by an Orphanage about 6 hours into the mountains on the far side of Issykul  They said "CAN YOU HELP US ?"

There orphanage for about 40 kids has just been told that due to the electricity shortages expected, they will no longer be able to heat with electricity.  They have managed to use any funds they had to put in a coal boiler to heat with this year, but now have no money left for coal.  They figure they will need about 10 tons .  This is obviously too far and too much for us to deliver bagged from the farm, so we will have to arrange to purchase coal for them locally. 

So at the end of the deliveries when we thought we were almost done, I have to turn to you and ask "CAN YOU HELP US?" , we need 10 more tons for the orphanage , and 20 more tones for the families in the mountains near us and to replace  the farms coal that we just gave away. That brings us shy about $2500 .. At this time if I could be so bold to ask if anyone can help us with this, it sure would be appreciated .   

View of the street in front of the farm this morning. 



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