Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lots of hard work fills the day

We are blessed to have a seasoned welder who wants to teach his trade to our boys.  They have had a few classes now and some of them are doing really well.  

A couple years ago we had raised funds for the Banya for the boys, then covid hit and we had to use those funds for emergency food and medication .    We are now back on track with that and they have began construction.  

The boys continue to pack up bags of coal for those in need .. We soo appreciate the hard work by the boys. 

Inside the green house the tomatoes are looking great 

Today I want to shine a light on a specific wish from the Christmas wish book   Ravil is raising funds for a car.  We are looking for $5000 for this.  Here is the thing.. If we act fast before the some new import laws take effect, we are thinking that we are just $3000 away.  if we wait until later in the month we will need the full $5000.. If you would like to help in hole or in part for this need I am sure Ravil would be so thankful.

I had a chat with Ravil .. he was excited to hear that we were going to add him to the wish book.  But then he read the post and saw the other needs .. He then contacted me to say that some of the others are more urgent then his so maybe we should take his wish off the list .  This was such a confirmation to me that we SHOULD have his wish here.   This wish would allow him to continue to HELP others .. tools of the trade ..  

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