Friday, November 26, 2021

Packing for our trip back to the farm.

Thank you, This need has been covered .One of the items in the Christmas Wish Book is games a books for a library at the farm. The Library will be a scheduled supervised time in their day , and help to teach respect for each other and how to get along with others ..   
With Julie and I heading to Kyrgyzstan next week. we would like to bring some games from here that we can not get in Kyrgyzstan.  We will go through the games at our house, but I have found some on Amazon that could be here in time for us to pack with us.    If there is any one or a few people out there that would like to help us with this.  If I get the order placed by Sunday Night, we can get them in time to bring with us. As soon as the donations come in I will place the order .  


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