Sunday, February 21, 2021

you gave him life again

I just received an update from Tanya about Sasha that we are helping.   

On Saturday, Sasha and I were in Bishkek. We visited the MRI , but Sasha has claustrophobic and he was scared of MRI, he began to feel very bad and his legs were shaking and his lips were blue, I did not take risks, I called doctor ,she told me that Sasha must to do anesthesia and we decided not now but next time.  .. After we went to the rehabilitation center. I wanted to see if it was necessary for Sasha or if he need another place. I, Sasha really liked it. Many simulators, massages, he will live there. Sasha will be taught to use the toilet as before..

 He is very happy. . He asked me that he so Thankful to all of you. That you don't know them but help, that his friend forget him...He said that he was learning again to believe that there were good people in the world and he was very grateful to everyone that you gave him life again... And encouraging him to live. When I arrived to tell him the good news that he was helped to raise money for rehabilitation, he could not believe. He admitted to me that they thought I deceived them, they could not believe that someone could help him...   On Wednesday morning, I'll take Sasha to the center in Bishkek, they have room then. We have already paid for a month.. Sasha will have rehabilitation for 6 hours a day, massage three times a week, Sasha cannot stand long he gets dizzy , he will be taught to stand too... Thank you very much.. I bought Sasha's food, paid a taxi. 

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