Friday, February 26, 2021

Good, Good, Bad, Good.

I was taught that when delivering difficult news, you should sandwich it... Good, Good, Bad, and followed up by Good, so here is an attempt to soften the bad.   
Good .There is a hospital in Tokmok that has always had a special place in our hearts. The Tokmok Children's  hospital is a teaching hospital that is on the front line caring for children.  Along with the general population, any children from families in need, or any children found on the street or in a difficult situation are brought to this hospital and are given great care.  Over the years we have help with everything with every aspect of support imaginable, but today they have pressures beyond belief. 

At this time, this small hospital has 50 children with pneumonia in the hospital and approx. another 100 that are being treated as out patients .   Today our team of friends were able to pack 50 packages with food, hygiene and cleaning supplies to deliver to the hospital for the workers there as well as some of the families in need . 

 We are so thankful that we were able to do this on your behalf .  It was such a blessing for them, and hopefully a little encouragement as they continue this difficult work.    

Another Good news story is the on going support from our friends in Bishkek helping vulnerable families , like this mom given food Vitamins and clothes for her children .  Thank you to those who help with vitamin finances.  

BAD, Now this next story is one that is not so pleasant.    I sent a bit of money to my friend Artem so he could help on our behalf at a homeless shelter run by a friend of his.  When asked how things were going, He responded  . 

"Oh, thank you brother John. I just talked to Alexander today. They now have 36 people in male rehabilitation. And they just have a catastrophic lack of finance. Oh, this is the answer from the Lord."

He  then sent me some photos and videos from the center.  I hesitated to post them so I will not post the pictures but I will post one of the not so disturbing videos, but I do warn you not to view the video unless you are prepared in your heart.   

He writes "These are the ones sent to him for rehabilitation. They sleep right in the main room  , since there is no money to make repairs on the roof and move them there. We are also now looking for money for medicines, since we need a lot of antibiotics and anesthetic drugs and bandages. Well, that's how we live."

I need to do more . the money we sent will bring a little immediate relief but is far from meeting the needs  .. If you would like to help in any way, I will forward funds on to them as they become available. 

Good   A couple days ago was mans day in Kyrgyzstan, and Vera and Olg where able to bring a little joy to some of the men that have families that are in need at this time .  Men are traditionally the "hunter and Gatherer " so it would be great joy for them to arrive home to their families at a time like this with all this food .   

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