Sunday, February 07, 2021

A special need from Kamala

Things are getting fired up in the green house .. literally.. After the melt down of the last boiler we have had to add a new one .  Vlady is working on this, and has added a secondary heater as a back up.. Vlad described it to me as something that looks like an atomic bomb.. . 

So with that in place we can start planting the seedlings for the field now. 

The coal deliveries have continued from the farm.  Some to regular families we have been supporting but had given enough to get them started but are ready for more, and others that have been brought to our attention  Our friend Sydoola is delivering to them .   We also just got a request for 60 bags of coal to go out to Vera and Oleg .. they are preparing for another large food hamper delivery and have identified some more families in the cold.  

Then there is the mother with a child with Cerebral Palsy who has had her support cut from another agency because .. get this .. The child is not getting better .  Fortunately we will be able to work at coming with some form of solution for her.    

So here is another BIG need we have right now.  Many of you know and have worked with Kamala.  Kamala has asked for help. She has an Aunt that has cancer and as well as kidney problems.  Kamala has been going to the hospital a couple times a day to help care for her and bring food .. The problem is that the family is now out of funds and there is still a few months of treatments left with an expected cost of $700.  Here are a few pictures of Kamala for those that might not place her ... 

If anyone can help her with this need, she will be very appreciative .. Thank you 

UPDATE.. at the time  of posting we needed $700 no we just need $500 .. covered as of 3:00 Monday thank you 

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