Saturday, February 20, 2021

Never been so excited about seeing a dentist chair.

We have an idea. One  year with no dentist visits for the orphanage and it is starting to show.  Many kids come from poor homes where nutrition and hygiene may not have been the best.  We understand this because we have a hard time keeping up and paying the dental bills at the farm and getting everyone into the dentist.  
Vera has found a dentist that will come right to the orphanage if we could provide a dental office for them to work from. 
We have done the homework and found that we can get a complete set up for just $1500

There is an added benefit to us.  We could book time with it to bring our kids there, or even bring it out to the farm once or twice a year when we have dentists on teams to be able to set up clinics .. Think about a dental yurt !  Offering treatment to passing shepherds and those in the mountain villages. All that for less then the cost of a root canal.  As soon as we have the donations in for this we will move ahead. 

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