Friday, February 12, 2021

Making real progress !

Today is Kamala's birthday, and what better way is there to celebrate a birthday , then deliver needed  supplies to an orphanage.   Today they brought a new gas stove, a stove hood and a mixer to Svetly Put orphanage.   

Sergey was busy as well .. We had a special donation come in for Auxana. we were able to bring her a big grocery drop and pay her power bill for 2 months.  

This next story is kind of a sad one.  aid workers are under a lot of pressure to show performance or good out comes.  This is not always the case, a certain amount of people can be helped, but not cured, so how do you gage a success rate, because that is what they think that their donor's need to see.  Not everything can be fixed, if nothing else we have seen that on the farm, but that does not mean you give up.  We were contacted by a lady looking for help.  The organization that was helping her and her child with cerebral palsy dropped them from their sponsorship because the child was not getting any better.  I guess its all how you look at it .  I remember a poster we had in our home, it said "We are making real progress. Things are getting worse at a slower rate."   Some times that is all we can do .  So understanding that this child will never get better, we will do our best to set up supports for them .  

 Some times there is a possibility to get better, like the story I shared a couple days ago from Tanya.  A young man needing physiotherapy to be able to walk again is well on his way to having the funds .. at the time of writing this post we just needed $300 for him to get a one month stay in a rehab hospital to get him on the road to recovery. 

We are working on food hampers again.  We have been asked buy one of the government offices to help with about 100 families that they have requiring help, as well as another 200 families between Vera & Oleg and Tanya , and a few others Vlad is working with.   We are moving ahead and counting on about  $4000 to cover these needs.    

Back in Canada, Mornings and evenings Julie and I are on line with our  Kyrgyzstan team, and during the long says of lock down, I have been working on starting the seedlings for the gardens this spring .  Its exciting to see a couple new plants up every time I look.  

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