Thursday, February 18, 2021

Several updates from our team

We were able to start work on the roof repairs at the baby orphanage.  Fix the roof, put on eves troughs and down spouts into newly installed dry wells .   One of the up sides about this is that the contractor has hired our Sasha to work with him.  

In Bishkek we got a report back from Svetly put that the stove and vent has been installed and is working.  They are so thrilled to have this addition to their house .

Our team in Bishkek has also been busy making sure that the right vitamins get into the right hands. 

Out at the end of the Valley, Vera and Oleg have been busy with their team delivering more food hampers .  The direct translation of her update says that "They continue to DELIGHT people." I don't know why but that just makes me smile . 

There are a few other small projects we are working on right now .  Pirizat from the mountains where our bees are is going back to school for another year so we have just covered her tuition. She is thankful.  

We also got a call from the children's treatment center.  They have a couple needs that were not the kind of thing we could wait on one is a child who has a bad skin rash and needed medication and the other need is that the water pump quit and needed about $40 worth of repairs .  We have just gone ahead and covered these needs from our general fund .  Thank you to those who donate un designated  that make it possible for us to respond quickly when needed. 

 Back on the farm I have an incubator that has a spot for 48 eggs.  I have missed working with the chickens, so I gave in and now have a small incubator in Canada that will hold 7 eggs at a time.  The eggs are expected to hatch on March the 8th. 😀

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