Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Tanya shares a need.

One of the difficulties , not just in Kyrgyzstan but around the world is people not getting the medical care they need for non covid illness. Our front line workers like Tanya see lots of examples of this when they are out delivering food. 

Tanya cares for many in her community 

While visiting homes yesterday Tanya came across a case that touched her heart.   A Young man named Sasha, who she had first met a couple years ago has been bed ridden for over a year now.  He was in a swimming accident and damaged his spinal cord.  If he had been able to receive treatments and physiotherapy from the start he may have been up and around by now, but instead he is stuck in bed. With the covid crisis not only was the access to care delayed but now the economics of the care  is the biggest hindrance . 

Sasha being cared for by his father 

 Tanya has looked into it and has found that there is a hospital in Bishkek that he could go to and stay for about a month to receive the care that he needs and the physiotherapy plan that would see him onto the road to recovery.  The total cost for his care .. One month of rehabilitation staying in the hospital, food , transportation, medication and MRI's will be $500 USD.

So many situations Tanya comes across there is little to no hope. There are many situations we can not do anything about, but this is not one of those situations .. Tanya says "Please can we help them.. Sasha is a good boy and I feel so bad for him." 

If this is important to Tanya, it is important for me.  If you you would like to help with this need please let us know. 

On another note, Kamala was so blessed to receive the funds needed for the care of he Aunt and wanted to thank everyone who had a part in her miracle. 

On a lighter note..... For Christmas I got a bird feeder, and up until a week ago we had not seen a single bird.. Then finally the chickadees have found us and now flit and flutter around enjoying the seeds . 

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