Saturday, July 04, 2020

This old house

Twenty five years ago, we moved into this old house.  with little kids, it was a lot of work, and it needed a lot of work.  We decided to just worry about the front and the side yard that we used the most.   12  years ago when we started working in Kyrgyzstan, even that was difficult to keep up with at times, and we would return to a jungle every summer.  We would beat back the jungle on the front and side yards , but we never tackled the back.  In fact we hardly ever ventured around back, except to do something with the well. 

With the pandemic and time on our hands, Julie thought it would be good to get a garden going since we would be here.  That started it!

I almost felt like an early settler breaking the land .. You know it's going to be rough when you start with a chain saw and a machete, and that was just to get the back door open. 

Well three months of forced detention, this project has not only kept me sane, it has given us a new destination .. The sun room is such a nice place to sit and relax, it feels like being at a cottage . 

   The gardens are doing great ,  We have been enjoying fresh salad every day for about three weeks now. 


Part of the reclaimed land we even put in the first stage of a small apple orchard.  We have 7 semi dwarf apple trees.  This was a big investment for us, but one that will pay off in years to come.  We did pay a bit more to have the grower bring them, prepare the land and plant them, and will come back next spring and replace any that did not make it through the winter. 

Now that that's finished , my job is to keep it weeded, watered and the grass cut.  Julies job is to sit on the porch and practice her sling shot, and dream up new projects. 

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Looks great!!