Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Food , cleaning supplies and oxygen .

Breathe my Tokmok

In my wildest imagination, I never thought we would be delivering oxygen !    Yesterday along with the other food deliveries, Vlad prepared some special food hampers for the workers at the orphanages .  Included in their food hampers for their own families we have included a bottle of honey from the farm.  We need these front line essential workers to be healthy and stay out of the markets .  

Over at another orphanage they are in good shape for food, but they had run out of cleaning supplies , another essential item, especially at a time like this  

But the most urgent need of all is oxygen .   With the last big fund raiser we did last week , some extra money came in, so along with the oxygen concentration machines for the hospitals , we have 2 units and two oxygen meters that we bring directly to people struggling to breath .   Our friends measure the oxygen levels and then put people on the concentrator until their oxygen levels come back up.  It is not the ideal situation, but it gives their body a little break and a chance to regain some strength.

Many others are suffering  at this time.  As funds become available we will be able to purchase more supplies and possibly get a few more teams on the road bringing oxygen .. the cost of the machine is around $800 ..  the value of the gift of breath .. priceless

As aid money is running out, our friends are trying to think of ways to create some revenue in country to support the medical workers .. they have started  ДышиМойТокмок BreatheMyTokmok and are selling bumper stickers and t shirts to raise funds.   As great as this is , I see two problems , front line workers and volunteers should not have to be spending time and energy raising their own operating funds , but the have to, and the other this is that they are raising the funds from people that are already strained just trying to survive... but what this does is shows the urgency of the need . 

If you would like to be part of this project, we are excepting donations now, and will transfer the funds immediately as they come in .  Thank you to everyone that has been supporting this on going effort

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