Tuesday, July 28, 2020

No amount is too big!

We have not had a sponsor come forward to help Altai yet, but we felt strongly to move ahead and help her anyways.  Today Vlad delivered a bunch of supplies for the new baby .  

We will keep an eye on her situation and continue to help where we can. 

In the last couple days we have also distributed over $1000 worth of medication to the hospitals and individuals. 

We have also run low on our vitamins and have just placed an order for another $500 worth.   There are just so many needs right now and they continue to grow.. friends and family of friends, and friends of family so many have covid  now, and the cases continue to grow by the hour..   If anyone would like to donate toward life saving medications and vitamins, please consider doing that now. and we will transfer the funds over as they come in.  No amount is too small, but at this point, no amount is too big. 

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