Friday, July 24, 2020

Look for the exceedingly and abundantly !

A few days ago while out on deliveries, Vlad came across a situation .. Some times the, for some reason. we feel lead to "stop for the one in front of you." The person that God stops you in your tracks and says "THIS ONE" .. there are so many and so many needs, but today its this one.  

Our young friend is a single mother and is expecting .  At the best of times life is hard in Kyrgyzstan, but with the strain on the hospitals, the lack of food, and unsafe work conditions due to covid, we can just imagine how difficult this is.   

we brought her food, and have gotten her prenatal vitamins, and will cover her medical expenses .. We made that decision right away.  but here we are a few days later and the words just keep coming back to me "exceedingly and abundantly more then you could ask or imagine"    You see today she got what she was able to ask and what she imagined, but my friend Ron would say to me, "Look for the exceedingly and abundantly."   So I will put this out there.  I know that there are so many other needs and so many others in trouble right now, but IF this resonates with any of you the way id did with us,  we could easily and happily go back and do MORE then she could imagine. 

lots more food deliveries went out as well .  These next pictures are of some of the workers and care givers, and teachers from one of the orphanages .  the hope is that if we can keep them safe and healthy, they in turn will be able to keep the kids healthy. 

They were blessed .. thank you all

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