Monday, July 06, 2020

Things are getting out of control

We have been hearing some very disturbing news from many sources from Kyrgyzstan .  The Covid-19 is basically out of control, Hospitals are over run, people are dying in the parking lots, and there is no health care for them.

I started to look into it and found this video from

 From one of the villages our friend wrote 

A woman pass away in my village.. She has Covid .she got bronchitis, fever, could not breathe for four days.. they called our doctor but the doctor did came , then they called the ambulance and they also refused to help her ,when she pass away because she cant breathe more they called to the morgue, but the morgue also said they cant came ,and told stay at home her because they afraid and no place.. ...this is a terrible situation. Four children at home without mother now.

There is no way that the WHO numbers can have any form of accuracy here when people are not being seen, not being tested, and not even delt with properly when they pass away.

 I have a friend that is the head of emergency at the Tokmok hospital.   He is always eager to help anyone regardless of their financial state .  He is a good man , I could not see him just ignoring people like that .. Then I got a message that he has just passed this morning from covid.  We are trying to get confirmation now, but its not sounding good .

"hospitals full of sick doctors are very busy and some doctors have died,  Your friend Marat gathers people a group of volunteers who know how to get medical education, who can put injections, IVS. In Tokmok, the sports school has about 300 beds for people who need urgent IVS."

Marat is our friend that was heading up the free bread for people, now he is changing hats and has set up a hospital staffed by volunteers.   Vlad is contacting him now to see how we can help.

Tanya has been on food deliveries and has been finding more and more desperate situations.   This next picture is the point this morning that I broke down .. This is Larisa's 85 year old mother packing food hampers for Tanya while she is out on deliveries ...

They were all doing so well for so long, then, then out of desperation the restrictions were lifted, but they just went back to like as usual until now 

In a food bag I bought: biscuits ,Cabbage, Potato, Onion, Carrots, Tea, Oil, Semolina, Noodles. Sugar, Flour,  Rice & Buckwheat

When I was talking to Vlad he said that they have been getting a lot of calls looking for food. As we were speaking Pastor Sasha called and said that there are many more in need and can we do another food drop.

We have doubled up efforts ... and our budget, and will try to get another extra large food delivery done before the country is forced back into full lock down again.    We are looking for $3000 at this time to meet this need .. If you bare any way able to help it would be greatly appreciated .

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