Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Peace into the storm .

A great big thank you to everyone who donated to the next food drop and the emergency medical supplies to outfit a 200 bed hospital . We reached $8200 USD.  what a blessing this is .. The money has been working its way over a few thousand at at time and will be fully in play by Friday.    We have done what we can do, now we pray for Gods strength and favor that he will continue to multiply it so that many can be reached ...  

After a stressful time, I like to take a walk through the garden .. so Lets take a look at some of the gardens at the farm ... it looks like by this time next week a lot of the harvesting will begin and we will be able to help a lot more .  

This year the tomatoes are all staked up 

looking like an abundant harvest is on the way 

A big batch of egg plant this year .. 

they are busy making current jam.

Peppers are almost ready as well , a few here and there, but very soon there will be literally tons .

We have about 300 ltrs of honey that is being bottled now in 1/2 lt and 1 lt bottles ..we will likely be giving it to those in need this year rather then selling .. not much of a tourist season.

So now the work will really ramp up for our team on the ground. as they are shopping , packing and delivering food to about 300 families .  

Once again , I can not thank you enough .  the love and care that you have shown has not only met the need, but it has instilled Peace into the storm .


Kim said...

Beautiful!! God bless, expand and multiply this work and reach!!

Unknown said...