Thursday, July 09, 2020

Bringing in the sheaves !

In preparation to re open in some form or another, we are having our family and friends take turns up at the kashar.  We will have three days between guests to give time to properly and safely sanitize and clean before the next guest .  If this works out we will reopen on a limited basis to the public with no meals provided.

For the next few days Bekah and Azamat and Aza's brother Aibec are there .   It is so nice that after almost 4 months of isolation, they have a beautiful safe location for a little holiday.  

Down on the farm , there is a lot going on.  They are bringing in the barley .. They have about 4 tons to bag and put into the  grainery 

Back on the fields they were able to get enough straw to bail 

Now Nuric will not have to use all our hay for bedding hahaha

Thats not all that was accomplished today, Vera and Oleg were busy delivering food to some of the more remote villages. 

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible .. 

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