Monday, July 13, 2020

Blessings to all that made this possible

More supplies have been arriving at the 2 emergency  hospitals we are helping .. 

1000 pcs. gloves 1000 pcs. syringes 1000 pc. drip system 4000 pcs alcohol napkins 40 bottles of 100 mg of alcohol

10 protective shields for doctors and various other supplies .

More supplies including the Oxygen machines will be arriving on Wednesday morning. 

At my Canada home I have been pleased with the gardens.  I have the boys on the farm watching to see how I do, so I am under a little pressure to keep the gardens just right 

Then I get pictured from them and there gardens .. 


There will be a food drop going out on Wednesday for about 300 families as well as cleaning supplies for the Chui orphanage.  So we will be able to start adding produce from the farm to the orders .

Out in Balache the men's and Woman's rehab center received a big food drop that they were very pleased to receive .

Bekah and Azamat have been enjoying a few days rest at the Kashar so we have been getting some great pictures and videos from them .

As Canada starts moving toward reopening, we are still very careful here, and I was un easy about having company in the house .  I am feeling ok with safe distance out side visits , but we live a long way from anything , and people would need a washroom break .  That said, the last couple days I dug out some old slab wood and built a small out house for our guests .. Julie calls it the Hydrangea House . 

Tomorrow the shopping will continue in Kyrgyzstan and by Friday we will have another big day.   

I will post more photos as they come in .  Blessings to all, and stay safe . 

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