Saturday, November 30, 2013

Totals are in ..

WOW .. What a fantastic response to the pie challenge .. it is the kick off fundraiser for the Christmas parties in Kyrgyzstan every year.   So far we have raised $13680 .. that is almost 75% of our target this year, and still almost a month to go before we hit the ground.   The pay pal buttons will remain up and the fundraising Thermometer will hopefully continue to rise over the next month, but a good chunk of the funds necessary will be able to begin their journey.   Soon they will have made their way through the banking system and into the hands of our team on the ground so they can begin packing the gift bags ... at this point about 1500 of them.  
Those in the challenge that did not hit the target are off the hook.    So here is who gets a pie, and who has dodged the pie for this year  

As an added bonus, we have Tony Schneider and a friend of his joining us this year.. it will be great to have them along.   Julie and I will leave Canada on Christmas morning and will get in a day before the rest arrive  .  It is going to be another VERY busy month for us.    Parties will begin on the 28th of December , run through new years ( a big celebration day in KG) and be finished by Jan 7th ( the orthodox Christmas )  

Some of the things that I tend to take for granted when we are in Canada ... Knowing the difference between Shampoo and Conditioner because I can read the label ..     Not having to wait  for Emma and Bekah having to have a game of "rock paper sizzlers" every time my phone rings to see who will answer it for me. I start to take for granted  picking up a coffee from the drive through window...
There are so many other things that I start to take for granted here, but one thing that we never take for granted is the amazing support of so may like you. With the pie challenge, the operations and the emergency needs posted over the last few weeks guys have risen to the challenge.   it is absolutely amazing .   Thank you all so much for the financial sacrifices you have made once again for the Hurting Helpless and Lost in the land that we love...   

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