Friday, November 22, 2013

Blessed beyond words .....

We are feeling so blessed today.. totally beyond words , but I will try ... Some time during the night while we slept, a large donation cleared the banks , and Emma , Bekah and Jengish were hard at it all day distributing the funds and meeting a backlog of dreams that needed to be covered before the full onset of winter.. This is such a load off of our minds.. we are feeling so blessed .. 

Today we Joined our friend Jason Carter.  he was lecturing to a group of first year collage students about the importance of building a network , about being connected to be able to be effective, and he used his time in Kyrgyzstan with us as an example of that ...  As I sat and listened to him, I could not agree more .. if not for the connections with so many of you ..we would be nothing .. I think of all the connections going on right now .. our monthly sponsors, and all the updates Julie is working on right now, All the sponsors working to drum up support for the pie challenge so that the kids in Kyrgyzstan will have a Christmas .. then there are several others thinking out of the box to help meet the needs right now ..  things like the `Saint Rose Birthday Challenge `    where a young girl challenges her friends every year to donate to the orphanage rather then giving her a gift.  .. the list goes on , and on .. we are blessed . 

I want to tell you of another blessing.  Many of the ladies in our home church work every year to put on a huge Gala event for the community .  Every year there is a different cause , this year it was the Children of Kyrgyzstan... In particular, they chose 16 children in need of medical care .. 16 tables ... 16 kids ... 
the night had been sold out for weeks .. I am telling you it was the place to be tonight . 

Dinning room being set up 

Every table had a different dream on the table ... 

There was a fantastic meal , and lots of entertainment and a silent auction as well 

Presenting the needs to the ladies 

I only lost it a couple times , but I had a video ready to cover for me to give a moment to regroup
So when all was said and done , we had $3990 total in dreams on the tables .. when the night was over and the totals were in , $3541 was raised ... BUT WAIT... yesterday when we were setting up, someone came in to tell us that they could not make it tonight, but were pledging $500 toward the dreams ... 
 that brings us to $4041 .. thats $51 over the target .... HOW AWESOME IS THAT .  16 tables ... 16 kids in need .. 16 kids fully sponsored  in one evening ... We are so blessed !

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