Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to an incredible group of people .

A special person to us once told me that "God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others."  That statement rang so true with us, and we have seen it play out over and over.   Daily as we walk out our calling, we have people that are so blessed for the support that you have given us .. Over and over we are telling people that it is not us, but God using many incredible people all over the world to reach out to them in their need ..

So on this day when we collectively come together in body and in spirit to Give Thanks for all that God has done for us, around us and through us, I want to convey a great big thank you from the most vulnerable in Kyrgyzstan.   Thank you
Thank you for a first Christmas gift
thank you for sending people to visit me 
thank you for helping me start my own business
thank you for bringing water to my village 
thank you for showing us love 

thank you for my new bike 
thank you for helping me look after my baby 
thank you for meals with so many students sponsored  

thank you for suporting families 

thank you for warm mattresses, blankets and new heaters for the mens home 

thank you for supporting the hospitals 

thank you for the little extra's for the kids in the orphanages 

thank you for remembering the remote villages 

thank you  that I have a place to live 

thank you that you sent someone to
comfort me when I was abandoned 

thank you for the fun outings with our friends

And the list goes on .. This has been an incredible year because of so many of you .. and now as the day draws to a close in Kyrgyzstan, we pray that today as you look back over the year , you will be blessed by knowing how much you have blessed others.

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