Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lets cover them all !

This is such a busy time for us all right now .. Thanksgiving is just a few days away ( for our US friends ) and right after that is Christmas and everything that comes along with it .  I have already been to one Christmas event this year and have another this Sunday night .

surgeon reviewing Acelbeks x-ray 
Emma shopping with Kolya 
  In Kyrgyzstan things are gearing up as well .. Renovations just completed at the Baby orphanage, preparing to start major renovations at the Baby hospital.  Caring for people in the hospital, like Jenishes friend Acelbek.  ( turns out he has a fractured skull, most defiantly would not have survived if you guys had not stepped up on this one ) Telik today to the eye clinic, lots of tests, and home with corrective lenses, 3 of our kids to the Dentist and more to go .. ( overwhelmed with the support and having a hard time excepting it, but more thankful then you could ever know, just hard for them to understand how someone they don't even know would reach out to them to help take away the pain they have lived with for so long  )  Several of Emma's kids have needed winter clothes , and the list goes on .  How many of you saw the wreckage on the news a couple days ago ?.. a bus and a car just outside of Tokmok .  18 injured , and 8 dead.  We have been asked to help those in the hospital who have no one to assist them .. I will share those stories soon , so Jenish is bringing food in to them today ... .

18 injured and 8 dead ...   close to home ... we have been asked to help . 

 OH did I mention planing Christmas for close to 2000 kids . ( the actual figure is 1943 )  Its hard not to become overwhelmed some times .. and that leads me to the next point...

We have just three days to go, and we are about $10 800 away from our goal .. our goal is that they would all get something special for Christmas , a little gift, maybe something special to eat , and some vitamins to help keep them healthy through the long winter.

Telik shows us his Cell phone .. 

I know that you have all given so much over the last few months,  so you know what it is to make a sacrifice for the sake of the kids .. but one more time I have to ask that you would help us create memories that will last  life time ..   We need an average of $3500 a day for the next three days . I am believing this is possible .. I have to , because the alternative is that we have to sit down and do the "naughty or nice" list to figure out who we reach out to this year ... lets not go there .. lets cover them all ..

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