Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A great group of kids ..

Bringing HOPE to hopeless society is not always easy, and lots of times requires a little imagination and a LOT of energy.   Our friend Anya has both .    Anya has put together a dance team that is able to share HOPE and TRUTH in a way that is received buy the children and excepted by the government .  through the energy and pure JOY that comes from their performances of traditional and modern dance , literally hundreds of kids have had a new outlook on life.   
Last year during the Christmas pie celebrations, Anya and her troop traveled with the team to the orphanages and  shared their life changing stories , in a way that no adult could or would be aloud .   I am so proud of these kids , and  so blessed that they are a part of the amazing things that happen here each Christmas .   

As we begin the pie challenge here , this group ok awesome kids lead by an awesome lady are busy practicing for this years Christmas parties .. 

I spoke with them before we left to see what we could do to help them get ready .  They have many orphanage and institution parties planed, as well our long range hope is to bring them to Kazakhstan with us in the spring to visit Beth and Victoria ( the Royals ) .  Anya said that it would be great if they could get a big mirror to practice in front of , and a small amplifier for their music. as well, they have started making traditional Kyrgyz dance costumes .  

We would  love to be able to help with this need .. Total price for this is $500 .. if you would like to sponsor this dance club and they great ministry that they provide, you can donate right here using the link on the right side of the blog . 

Anya with some of the kids in the dance club

what a great group of kids 

Dancing for the kids at Red River Orphanage 

the kids are blessed 

what a great day .. can't wait to be a part of the celebrations this year 

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