Saturday, November 02, 2013

Getting ready for winter

We have already had early signs of winter here .  , snow on the ground in the morning the other day, and every night it gets colder and colder .. the rush is on to get ready for a cold winter .
new mattresses being delivered to the mens home
in the infirmary, many of the beds had no mattresses or blankets.. now they are all warm for the winter with both new mattresses and blankets .. thanks to so many who helped with this .. as well we have brand new heaters installed in 24 of the rooms, and the other 24 will get two of the old heaters reconditioned ..   This room has a new heater installed but you have to look real close behind the pile of mattresses .. 

He loves his new bed
Every team member from the last couple months received a new blanket from Aigoola .. Lisa insisted that her blanket go to a family that she had visited on the day of " THE AMAZIN g RACE"
Armik is back on track and has caught up on his carvings    the one he is holding is a custom carving .. I will show you more on it and information about how you can get your own custom portrait  in the next couple days .

over the last couple weeks we have delivered 29 tons of coal to those in need .. and still have another 10 tons to go

This is Auxana's home .. we have helped her in the past in a small rental home she was in .. this will be her first winter the house she built herself.. it was not going to be done in time for winter so we poured the floors, brought in the coal, hooked up the electricity ( had to be run about 1/4 mile ) and we have hired Vlady to close in the roof as well ...     

I have had several people contact us here looking for help with Christmas for the kids that they work with and support.  it seems more and more every year .. . It would be so easy to tell them that we have as many as we can do ... but really that's not my call , its yours ...   

  I went into the children's hospital treatment center here for orphans.  As soon as we entered the room , one young boy hopped up and ran to me with a big hug.  right away he began telling me how he remembered going to a restaurant and movie with me a couple years ago at Christmas .. No one ever comes to see him, and now I have come twice !     He then went on to tell everyone about how special that day was for him  ... He asked if we were going to do that again this year ...

I told him that I would really like that ..
   There is only one way that will happen ... we need your help... will you consider taking the pie challenge .. let your name stand , and if your friends raise 500 , you let them through a pie in your face... and 50 more kids like our friend here will get to have a Christmas to remember for years to come

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