Friday, November 22, 2013

Blesses to Bless

Many times I have mentioned our God son Samat here on the blog.  He and his wife Aieda and their son Arcin live close to us in Tokmok.  Samat works as a social worker with an incredible organization.. the Tiwan Childrens Fund . 

Time to time there are families that are in more need then the fund is able to cover, so Samat contacts us and we get to help out as well.
Last week he came buy and picked up $30 to get food to help a family that the mother was sick .  he bought lots of groceries for them , stuff that would be easy to cook ... then he decided that it was too expensive to provide food that way , so now Aieda is preparing meals and delivering them to the family. 

We are so thankful to so many of you who come along side us and bless us so we can be a blessing to Samat and Aieda in the stand that they are taking to bless others ... Blessed to Bless 

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