Monday, August 08, 2011

Updates from Emma

This is my friend Giana
I met him for the first time back in 2005 when I traveled to Kyrgyzstan with a team from Millebrook Ontario. The purpose of that trip was to bring Hope and Dignity to the hurting and Helpless of Kyrgyzstan. We had all seen the Home make over shows here in the west.. the ones where a middle class family is taken away for a day or two and there already wonderful home is given a little freshening up... We thought that they were on to something, but why not reach down a little farther ... we went to the home of a VET.. with one leg, living on his own with a pension of only $20 a month ... this was who we chose.
Gianna was so gracious .. he allowed us into his home, and we began the transformation. That was a long time ago and we still see him time to time , though I must admit that I have not been to see him as much as I should . We kept hearing stories of him sitting out on the bridge near his home and singing to people as they passed buy . Finally we made it back to see him and to make arrangements for Beksolten to go visit him regularly. We thought it would be good for Gianna, and good for Beksolten as well.
When we told Gianna that we heard he sat out on the bridge singing, he told us that he did that so people would think that he was happy, but really deep down he is sad and he is lonely.. It was difficult to hear. He then agreed to sing for us then. ( if you are viewing this as a FB note, you will have to go to the blog to view the video)
We told him that must be why God had put him in our hearts, and that we would like to have Beksolten stop by for a visit regularly. We explained that Beksolten needed to have someone , or something in his life to keep him from " drifting " and that it would be great if Gianna could have a game of chess with him from time to time .
This is all part of a burden that Emma has had to touch base with all the people and kids that we have worked with in the past. You will hear more stories as they come available ... Emma just sent me this note, looking for a little money to bless Gianna again.

"Aigula and beksultan are getting ready to do a big clean at guenna's, and Aigula wants to get him new bedding, he was asking for new clean sheets but she wants to give him one of theose nice big blankets that she makes and probably a matress too. they would like some of the money for him to get cleaning supplies for his house."

I would love to be able to send Emma enough money that she could have cash on hand for things like this... when something as simple as cleaning supplies would not require her to look for funds...
On another note, We were thrilled and relieved to hear that Emma just got her visa. they have given her a 6 month this time rather then the usual 3 month. I had not said much, but we were starting to get a little concerned as her old visa had expired almost a month ago, and the passport control had continues to hold her passport in the mean time , but all is well now .

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