Friday, August 19, 2011

One year later

Its been a full year since this video was made, and the impact of these few days continues to grip the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. One year later, and several of our friends are on the ground trying to make a difference. It's easy for us to all forget , at the time so many were coming forward to help, but by the time a secure rout for aid was established, the crisis had slipped from the headlines.. Last week, we were asked to pick up scholarships for two young kids from Osh for them, I am sure that the sights and sounds from a year ago are very vivid in their memories. I feel so blessed that not only are we able to consider helping, but that we are recognized as people that would be willing to help. It made me think... I was just reading a FB status from a friend said " Sometimes I would like to ask God why he allows poverty, Famin, and Injustice in the world, when he could do something about it....But I'm afraid He may ask me the same question"

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