Friday, August 19, 2011

The way things work

I am often amazed by the way that God orchestrates things. One of those times happened just this week.
I have been doing a little bit of stressing about everyone going back to school. Many of the kids that we work with are sponsored for there tuition, but on top of that we have school supplies and uniforms. Last year we spent over $6000 just on back to school shopping. then there are the last minute needs .. kids that may have had sponsorship fall through , or newly identified as needing assistance... it all come down to the crunch in the next couple weeks.
I was on the phone with Sergey and Anya Monday giving them details to pick up money sent, when they informed me that one of the orphanages we support just called. They need school supplies for 140 kids as well as laundry soap... I did not want then to be to discouraged, and I certainly don't have that kind of money right now, so I just said " OK we will pray about that, and I am sure God has that taken care of."
A couple hours after that I was talking to a friend in Bishkek.. she had a message for me from Dave .. the owner of a restaurant we frequent in Bishkek. He has a dozen friends from England that have some sort of a clunker rally.. the deal is they buy an old clunker, fill it full of stuff for an orphanage and drive it across Asia.
Last night , 5 cars FULL of supplies arrived at the orphanage to meet Sergey and Anya, and meet the need ... then after unloading the cars , they donated another 1500 Euro to cover anything that they missed.. and if that was not all, they are now selling the cars , and the proceeds will go to the on going work at the orphanage as well..
What amazes me is that these cars would have left a full 2 weeks before the need was even identified.. they Drove across Asia not knowing the need that would be waiting for them .
If it was some how in my control, I would have worried and stressed even more trying to figure out how to get the money there in time, yet because there was nothing I could do .. then I just left it in Gods hands... and you know what.. he did a pretty good job.. Maybe I should be leaving a little more in His hands

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Karen D said...

Many thanks to Him, and thanks to you for trusting in Him :-)