Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Anara

We had a great time at Anara's Birthday . She turned 5 today . Anara is our darling little friend from Tokmok. In the picture below, Anara is teaching e how to make Laproshka. ( the Kyrgyz flat bread ) We also made Bish bal mak and borsolk. It was a great day. we had some other guests as well. A couple families that have adopted from Ukraine, and in the process of adopting from Kyrgyzstan .
We are always so touched by the hearts and the passion of the adoptive families that we meet. We recall being at the orphanage when a family was there picking up their new baby, the felling was so overwhelming as they walked out of the orphanage with their new jewel in their arms. this was such an example of HOPE for us. and now to have a chance to see these kids years later is equally as overwhelming at times. We pray that one day soon, the doors will open and more of our little friends will make it home.

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Karen D said...

And of course the orange soda makes the Kyrgyz meal complete!