Monday, August 15, 2011

Share the BURDEN,

One of the greatest burdens that we carry is the proverbial "WHAT NEXT?" , and it's not what is in store next for us , but what will happen to our young friends while we are gone. We have a great team on the ground, but there is only so much they can do...
The future for an orphan or an under privileged child is just so bleak. We try, but how do we ever care for all of them... I will tell you how... we have found that if we can get them enrolled in collage or University, it buys us four more years of influence. Four years for them to grow a little more a safe environment. and In four years, they have what many do not have. An education.
The International University of Central Asia has a track record that is second to none. Not only do they provide one of the best, and most respected educations in all of Central Asia, they do it with almost 80 % of the students on some form of tuition assistance... I asked my friend Dave ( the chairman of the board for IUCA ) " Who sponsors them Dave ? " You see their in Lies the problem...
This year IUCA will have well over 400 students who require assistance. The brightest minds in the country, yet with out our help , they may not be able to complete their study. The problem is a big one... over Two Hundred Thousand Dollars BIG . But we have an idea ..

Did you know that if just 30 people around the world committed to find us Just 12 sponsors of just $50 a month. We could guarantee that the doors of IUCA continue to be open to the least of these, for years to come....

If you are interested in being a LAMb sponsorship rep in your area, please contact me at and I will send you everything that you need to make a real difference... video's, photo's, brochures and posters, even testimonials from current IUCA Students . Every thing that you need to get started .

Its time to get creative... BBQ's , dinner parties, church groups, friends mix match , and share the story. but some how please take from us the burden of JUST 12 of our incredible young friends .. Please check out the video below.. ( If you are reading this post from FB you will need to click here to view the video. )
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