Thursday, August 18, 2011

an incredible gift

There was lots of excitement in Kyrgyzstan yesterday when a special parcel arrived.
This was totally unexpected, and that makes it so much more fun. In the parcel there was a little bit of everything that is on our always needed list ..Vitamins , cold med's , creams, first aid supplies, and so much more .. You could tell that the parcel came from someone that follows the blog because it also contained Craft dinner ...
Sergey and Anya and the kids called me right away to tell me what had happened . I found it interesting that the kids were all so excited , and even more excited to open it and find that it was from a Young Kyrgyz boy who now lives in America, but has not forgotten his friend .

Vitamins.. not the type of thing that you would think would bring so much excitement for kids, but the truth is that these kids have lived the orphanage life.. they have seen first hand the difference it can make to have vitamins, and they all have friends that are still in the orphanages that they are worried about and want to help. This gift is one that they will be able to take to their friends that are sick, malnourished, and listless, and make them feel so much better.
I have said before how when we take Vitamins here, we hardly recognize the difference , but when your diet is desperately deprived of certain vitamins, the difference would blow you away... with in days , a sick and listless child will be feeling better then they have ever felt and seem like they are on a caffeine high ... just by giving them vitamin C. A child with sore joints and in chronic pain, will be playing pain free in a few weeks with Vitamin D... It's not natural to find a 6 or 7 year old kid going gray, but when you give them a little vitamin B 12 they not only suddenly have a lot of energy, but they start loosing their gray...
We have a vision that one day , the effects of vitamins would not be so noticeable... that one day this would not be replacing missing dietary needs and reversing damage, but that one day this will simply be what it was designed for .. as a supplemental to "top off" any vitamin short fall.
As we are starting to look toward the fall, and the Christmas pie in the face challenge, we are thinking that we need to do more then just bring a gift that will last just one day, but we want to make a difference that will last all year.. just think if we could provide every child with a years supply of vitamins.. this is not out of the question... I will keep you posted as time gets closer.

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Unknown said...

I recognize that little face. What a thoughtful gift!