Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where is God in this?

I am sitting here this morning getting a presentation ready for tomorrow. I have been going through old photo's looking for the right ones that would be relevant to the group that I will be speaking to, and came across a video clip that really makes me stop and think..
It is a clip that was taken in the dump in Kyrgyzstan. We had just finished dropping of some food for the people living there.. in a back drop of garbage, and nearly unbearable smell, this old babushka with a dark tanned weather beaten face says to us, "We know that God has not forgotten us" I play that over and over, and it still hits me every time... How can someone with nothing living in such terrible conditions say that God has not forgotten them... it sure puts me and my faith to shame... We have so much, and yet as soon as something does not go our way we are asking "Where is God" ... If we can't look around and see him in the blessings around us, maybe we do not deserve them... maybe they would be better served in the hands of someone just a little more grateful, like my friend in the Dump who KNOWS that God has not forgotten Her!

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Heather said...

What a great reminder for us. That certainly is a powerful reminder and what amazing faith she has!