Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Most of us have seen the comercials from Visa... you know the ones.. "The cost of a fishing poll...$50" ....."The cost of a weekend getaway...$750"......"the cost of watching your son catch his first fish....PIRCELESS"... "For everything else there's VISA" ... I had to think of that when I read the letter I just got from My girls in Ukraine.....

Hi dad, here's the story of what we did today, We went on a picnic with the men and wmen from the invalid home. We were responsible for feeding them breakfast, lunch, supper and snack. We sang songs with them and they went swimming in the river. We prayed with them before every meal and at the end of the day we asked some of them what their favourite part was and they said praying together. I was expecting them to say swimming, or singing, or candy and bananas, but they were so happy to spend time with God.
We were assigned to a table of 16, so it was nice to see them in a small group getting lots of attention and care from their workers. They are such nice men, very polite and kind to us and to each other.
After we were done everything we had our supper with the other volunteers. Ira, who is in charge of this picnic said that she is praying for a sponsor so that they can do this again with the other half of the men. She said it would cost about 300$ to take the other 150 people. I think their church sponsered this one and the first picnic with the kids from the orphanage. Our sponsors helped to pay for the second picnic so that the rest of the kids from sunshine orphanage could go too. I think she said this in my presence secretely hopeing I would help her to find sponsors. When I first heard the number 300$, I imagined how much more we could do in Kg for 300 dollars, but then I remembered the great day that these men had, and the pure joy on their faces and I realized that it was priceless. It was definately worth it for them.
Can you please help us find a sponsor for this ?
"For everything else there is VISA"

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