Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A new perspective

The picnic yesterday was really great. It was really great to have the team from america and holland there. They had a great program for the people from berry ugly and invited our kids to join them. they really did great things there. They really treated them with dinity and respect. Everyone there had good clothed that fit them right. they were clean and they did their best to make sure they had appropriate bathing suits. they were so well cared for and entertained. They acted out the story of punchanello and there was a young boy on the team there who acted as punchanello, he did a really great job and did as much as any adult on the team. He handled everything well. Of coarse it's hard for anyone to go to an invalid home, but he really coped well there. I hope people will see that children can make a great impact in a missions team in a different way than an adult could. I also hope that someone will do something like that at our invalid home. after helping with "kids" camp for them, i saw the men in a different way. i saw them as little orphaned boys trapped inside dirty old man bodys. Except that they are more alone than a young boy in an orphanage because their bodys are old and dirty and they a little bit scary looking so nobody wants to get close to them. I'm so thankful for the people like Laurissa(in KG) and Max(in Ukraine... www.truehopeukraine.com) who come and show them love. i hope that people will look past thier phsycal appearance and start to adopt these kids too.

There is another member of our team that you didn't write about yet, Lena. We are here to help her with whatever she does here, but it seems like she is the one who helps us. She was living in and going to school in Kyrgyzstan for 9 years, so she understands the girls and helps them whenever they need someone to talk to. She has a big heart for her kids here and they love her very much. She also works hard to have good relations with the directors, which makes it possible for us to do everything that we've done here. This picnic was actually her dream come true. She really had a burden to take the rest of the kids who hadnt gone on the picnic last time and she worked really hard to make her plans work.
even though we are more independant here, Lena still takes care of us like a mom. She makes us phone her every time we take the bus to make sure we got there and home safely. She's a good leader for our team. We are so blessed to be able to serve together.

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Cindy LaJoy said...

So John...what about a sponsorship/letter writing program for the men in the invalid home??? Sign me up! I can't take sponsoring another kid, our house is too small for any more who tug at my heart too much!! HAHAHA!!! Seriously, what are the chances something like this could be started up...outings maybe for them, cards and little gifts sent?