Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hanging on to a dream !

We have been missing Emma a bit... OK so more then a bit ... a lot... I have been talking to her a lot on Skype and on Facebook chat recently. She shared all the things that they were doing, They are taking the day off tomorrow, so they will go to Western union and get the money I just sent , and will do a little shopping to get ready for the next day when they will be going to visit the kids in the disables orphanage, then they will be attending a 3 day conference in the city.
Its funny, it was not that long ago when going to the bank and going shopping would NOT have been considered a day off for Emma, It would have been the stressor that would have kept her on edge, yet today that is considered something that you do on a day off. I told her how proud I was of her for being so responsible and for being able to keep so busy Helping others in a strange land when nothing was familiar, and nothing was planed or expected.. She told me
" I have changed a lot here" I have seen that in the determination in her writings. We were never really sure what Emma was thinking, and she certainly never vocalized what she thought, but like the Girls said, the Russian Emma is not the same.. The Russian Emma has seen injustice and not just internalized it like the English Emma, But the Russian Emma is telling it like it is, and not apologetically... She has 80 more men that are at the invalid home that have not had a chance to go out this summer.. She has seen past the " BIG DIRTY SMELLY MEN" and sees the child trapped in that body.. the child that grew up in a post soviet institution, and never got to experience what it is to be a child... The Russian Emma is determined to make sure that they experience what it is like to play at the beach .. to have a picnic... to be out of the small "Cage " that some of them call home...The Russian Emma has asked again today for help with this.. She is looking for a $350 sponsor so that 80 BIG CHILDREN will have a summer to remember ... she is not letting go of this one !

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