Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bringing peace

I really like this photo that Emma took of Sergey and Anya. It is the two of them at a peaceful moment, Something that we never got to experience a lot of when we are with them. When you put yourself out in the front line, and actively seek out people that are not able to advocate for themselves, there is not normally a lot of peace, yet they work tirelessly to bring peace to others .
I Was talking to Anya yesterday on skype. We had been on different schedules for the last few days and had not had opportunity to talk .. She shared about some of the latest issues we are facing with school tuition's having to be in now etc, and how we were going to decide who could go to school and who we would have to turn down. ( I told her that we have not given up hope and that I have no thoughts of turning any of them down, and am sure that God will provide) . We then discussed some other issues with a few other families we are helping , as well as a few kids that are still being juggled around in the orphanages that really need to be settled in somewhere permanent if they are to thrive.. Then Sergey started telling me about how in the middle of his day, he had an old Babushka "Dumped into his lap"... She had worked for four years as a nurse maid for someone, but then she hurt he back while moving a patient, so she was fired and kicked out onto the street... how is that for Workman's comp! after a few weeks on the street, someone found her and brought her to Sergey. After an entire life as a nurse, caring for others, she is out on the street with nothing but a few bags.
What was particularly hard for Sergey and Anya is that when they were talking to her , she shared how she had become the target of a couple very sick men, and was scared to be on the street any more.. right away they brought her over to one of the homes our friends have there, and got her a good meal
and a warm bed. She will stay here for a few days and Sergey and Anya will have her checked to make sure she has no serious medical issues needing immediate treatment, as well as see if there is any family..
After that, once they understand her whole storey, she will be brought out to the seniors home we work with . She will be well cared for there and we know she will be safe. Sergey is thinking that once she has some rest and some good food for a week or two, she may still feel that she wants to work a Little longer before going to a seniors home... I suggested that maybe she could work at the Seniors home on light duty if she really wants to work more. But for now it's nice to know that she has a home and will experience a little of the peace that Sergey and Anya are able to provide...

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I really love this post! Beautiful!