Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Every day we are in touch with many of the different groups that we work with . Some times Skype some times FB chat, or email. but team we talk to the most right now is our "Team Ukraine.".. This is more then just a missions team our bringing hope , they themselves are growing and stretching more then those they are helping.

I was on the skype chat with Aiperi, I asked how she was doing ...."PLOHA" ( BAD ) was her response. I knew right away what the problem was. This was their last day with the kids from the orphanage and the boys Rehab centre and they had to say good bye.
I don't know if anyone could ever fully describe this emotion...you have to live it to understand. The girls have seen us and many others come and go from the orphanage over their years there, and still could never have imagined seeing it from this side. I am not sure just what it is... maybe it is that you open yourself up fully to loving and caring for this time, it could be that although you talk about hope and show hope, as you are going , everything that is hopeless about the situation jumps right out at you, or maybe it is because you never know if you will ever see those you love so much again... what ever the reason , it is nasty. We have tried saying good buy in big groups , small groups, out in public or at our own apartment... nothing works.
As I spoke more with the girls, they shared that it was like there was this big hole in there hearts that was left when those kids were riped out... I share with them that I know the whole well... The thing is , that was not a part of the original you! that is a space that was never there before. it got there because you let that seed of love grow in your heart. and now we have to trust God to fill that hole with more seeds. Many people will never experience this kind of stretching . Some because they are scared of this very moment, and others because they do not know so much love can exist. They asked if it will get any easier... I told them NO it will get harder but this is a special calling... SOMEONE NEEDS TO SHEAD A TEAR FOR THESE KIDS!

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That was an amazing post, sums up the attachment that our hearts build. I'm a firm believer in "its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" its this, that separates us from all the other creatures of the world and also from many people who live their lives without attachment in fear of loss, when all the time they loose with a life without love.
There are two types of people, the ones who weep when you arrive and the ones that weep when you leave.

I know who you and your family team surround yourselves with.


Dan :)