Saturday, July 24, 2010

Missions Fest

It was a long day today . We were out of the house very early to travel down to a large summer camp in our district. There was a missions fest... a day designed to show case missions work all over the globe. I was very proud of Bekah. She has worked very hard at setting up the both and having it organized just right . It is easy to feel a little out of our league in situations like this . some of the most well known and respected missionaries in the region with years of experience were there ... but I just had to remind myself that their kids are no more or no less important then ours. Our friends need to have their storey told. I thought at one point that I sure wish we had our girls here rather then in the Ukraine to tell their storey, but as I watched Bekah interact with people , I saw that she was doing just fine. We have been focusing on tuition's for all our college and University age kids this last couple weeks... it kind of crept up on me.. for some reason I was thinking September, but of course the tuition or part of it needs to be in with the registration. We have done quite well.. I have to send more money over on Monday.. it will about $3500 total for everyone to go to school this fall, and after today , we are just about half way there. Tomorrow we will be sharing with My sons C. family. Planing to encourage and inspire. Then Next week we are heading up to Jody's neck of the woods, we will be meeting with supporters in Lively and in Espanola... We are really looking forward to that as well.. they are always such a blessing to us, and real partners in the work we do. It will be really great to see Rodger and Jody again.. There has been a lot go on since we last saw Jody off at the departure gate in Kyrgyzstan , but it is kind of strange to know that although we have been so far away, our common burdens have kept us all so close.

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