Friday, June 12, 2009

playing with the bees

This photo was taken of our friend Jengish when we were visiting the Seniors home... The team with Lynn and Ruby had made a beautiful meal for the Seniors, and Jengish was singing for them.. accompanying him was may friend Vataly and our Altynai...For some reason it did not surprise me when Vataly got sore fingers from playing so long, and Jenish picked up the guitar and started to play... He is just one of those guys that is full of surprises....

As I have shared before , Jengish works with the homeless in the Capital city... We talk about helping those that have fallen through the cracks of society... that is latterly where he finds those that he helps.... When we had the Band of Brothers team from PI with us, we brought them out to the rehab centre to show them the progress that was being made... Jenish has been able to enlist the help of a business man that is working to make the centre self sustaining, and in fact is well on the way to making that dream a reality... one of the things that I helped with is to find some sponsors to help get the bees ... this will be a big part of the operating revenue for the farm... I was showing the team the inside of the hive to see the bees... I actually am terrified of bees, so I was being very calm and gentle... What I did not know is that the devious side of one of my buddies was struggling to get out... he said after that it was all he could do not to run up at that moment and give the box a good kick and then run...... actually it seemed funny when he told it... but now it just sounds a little sick.... but that said, I am curious.. do you think we would have one angry hive, or would all 54 hives have gotten in on the fun ?


Mala said...

In my experience, bees have NO sense of humor!

Christy said...

Jenish is a true hero!
I'm blessed to say that he is dear friend of mine.