Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It does not have to be this way !

This is a condition known as Hydrocephalus ... I am not medically inclined, but I do know that there is a treatment, and many of the children in Central Asia are not getting it... Left un checked, the pressure increases in the brain and a child will loose vision hearing and basic motor coordination... The problem is that the treatment, with pree-op tests, and follow up nursing care is about $800. this is just under a years salary for a field worker... As a result, these children are often brought to the orphanages and suffer terribly...
I guess it is one thing to just look at a picture and feel empathy, but when a mother hands you here baby and turns to you as her last HOPE and asks for help.... It can take a terrible tole on your emotions, especially when you survive on only $100 a month yourself.... This is just another one of the trials that our friend Larisa faces on a daily bassis.
A way has been made that we can help with these and other operations... I will share more about this in the weeks and months to come.

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