Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"After 4 or 5 days with no food, your body stops hurting !"

Every day I open email's from our friends in Central Asia, and every day my heart just sinks... There are just so many things that seem so little to us... things like $20 for a bit of food for someone that has not eaten for three of four days... you know.. the simple dreams.... This was a lot easier at one time because they were just names, but now they are friends.. they are people that we know and care about... It is easy to say to our workers, just give them the money, but I know full well that if they had it they would have already given it...
I remember saying to Jengish.." I really don't know how people can live on so little money here... everything is so expensive" his reply was disturbing...he said " It's really not that hard... after about 4 or 5 days with no food , your body stops hurting"... That was not the answer I wanted ... I wanted to hear of some great plan to make your dollars stretch... or of some wonderful program where people could get food in an emergency.... like a food bank....
We have even heard of cut backs at the baby orphanages... those least able to look after themselves, are now suffering from the consequences of the recession... Anya has been going in the last couple weeks and bringing juice and baby food to help out, but at a cost of $200 a week , it will only take a few more weeks, before that will come to an end.... Then what.. do we just say, "Don't worry , it will only hurt for 4 or 5 days !"? We are not, and likely will never be in a position to take over the responsibility of providing food for these babies, but something has to be done... I am thinking that even if we can help for a little while , for a set time frame, we could give the system there time to catch up and realize the short fall...
I think that maybe if I get the word out there, and see what comes in over the next week designated to baby food, divide that over the next three months, and that will have to be the it stands, here is what they need ..... it is from my last update from Our friend....

how Spend the money
baby orphanage juice (1litre*48.50 som) 61 litre*48.5= 2958.5som
baby orphanage baby food (1box*203.5som) 14boxes*203.5=2849som
baby orphanage baby food ( 1box* 258som) 6boxes*258=1548som
baby orphanage baby food (1box*223.5som) 9boxes*223.5=2011.5som
__________________TOTAL________9367som -%5=

Now in orphanage 88babys (one baby 100ml. juice of day) 1week need 61litre 600ml.
Baby food 4boxes of 1 day need 28 boxes


Anonymous said...

what's that in CAD? about $250.oo ????

Julie and John Wright said...

at todays exchange