Sunday, June 21, 2009

From a different perspective .

I have had some interest in the storey behind the man hole... That will be Jengish's storey to tell one day, but for now I will tell you how I imagine it.......

One day there was an old man that fell into a very deep hole... He tried as he might to get out but could not figure out how ... Some would come along and talk to him and try to tell him all the things he did wrong to find himself living in such a hole, then others would want to help, but did not want to get dirty, so the would stand at a distance and throw their bread in the direction of the hole, and hope that some would make it to this poor old man....
Then one day an impulsive young man came along, and he wanted to he jumped down into the hole with the old man.
The old man looked at him and said " you have brought me no food, no water, and what is worse we are now TWO down this hole..."
The Young man said ... "It's OK I have been in this hole many times before, you are not alone.... I know the way out... now follow me..".. and he lead the old man to a new way of life....

This is a storey that will repeat itself over and over, yet the answer is always the same... We need to do more then just throuw dough at a problem... we need people like our dreams agents..people like Jengish
that are willing to get down and dirty when they need to ........ As I stop and ponder the photo of the old man looking up out of the hole at the light , I realize that you could not take that shot unless you were in the hole with him.... life tends to have a different perspective when you meet people where they are at !


Lisa Brotherton said...

Once again, John, you leave me in tears, I mean with a sore nose!
God bless those who are willing to get right in and do the dirty work.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite story, demonstrating why you do what you do, why PI exists, why we have to go and not just send. To show others the way, be carriers of the light on a dark path.

So glad you are in my midst to show me the way out.


Dan :)