Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winding down

OK so I have just come to realize that I am to far behind to post everything tat has happened and still remain sensitive to some delicate issues, so I have decided to start again from today and play catch up when I get home next week.

I woke up early this morning out in the village.... It was interesting to watch the morning family dynamics.... Torat and Aiperi have to be at school by 8:00, the walk is actually about 35 minutes... up hill... but first, Aiperi has to make the bread and Torrat has to take the animals to the mountain while his mom milks the mother cow... By 20 after 7 they are both done there chores and are off to school... Momma takes the mother cow to the pasture and waits there with it while the rest of the kids get up and have breakfast, they quickly tidy up and make breakfast for momma then Beksolten goes to the field, and Momma comes back for breakfast... then by 8 am, mother is out to the field where she works planting and the kids watch the animals until Torat gets home for lunch, then they trade and the younger ones head for school in the afternoon.... Not a lot of talking, but they seem to have a system....
I left by 9:15 and walked up to the taxi stand... forgetting it would take me 40 minutes...up hill... I caught a cab to the seniors home in the next village over.. I got there just as David and Jayne were arriving with a few other friends...
This was my good buys for the seniors home... It was very emotional, I had not been expecting it, but for many of these seniors they have no family, and even mentioning that it was time for me to go brought out the tears.... Again I was so happy to be able to tell them that David and Jayne would be staying on for another month... scenes from last year. We then headed over to the invalid home and delivered spoons and vitamins, as well as a big bag of tea coffee and sugar for the staff room.... These workers have so little and are required to do so much... We then took a walk through to say good buy to all our friends there... In the barber shop, one young man in a wheel chair came in and wanted to "TALK WITH ME" Buy the time he was done, even the workers there were in tears....They had many presents for me that the men had made including a picture that I had commissioned from them... .. I reminded them that last year I said I would come back and I did, and that I have come many times and I will be back again... Even the director came down from his office when he saw me come... for the first time he did not send for us, but he came down, shook my hand then gave me a big hug.... He again said how thank full they were for our help with the new water pumps for the system... Like the seniors home, it was hard to go, knowing the chances are that several of them will not make it until my return...
I am just feeling blessed to have known them for now... I have seen the awakening in there lives, and am so privileged to be a part of it .
From there we went over to the village for coffee hour... it to was difficult for me, I did not realize how much they have worked their way into my life, and mine into theirs... One of the mothers shared that when her son heard that I was going, he started to cry... I feel bad, I don't even know his name... I got to visit one last time with my new friend, the father of the little boy with the cleft pallet.... It was nice that I had with me one of my friends from the city that as been looking in on his family at the hospital... I was able to assure him that they would continue to be there to help him, then told him that I will likely be back in September when it is time for the next operation... Now I just realized that I missed a couple events , and half a dozen phone calls I received... I guess I will have to ad them to the TO POST pile.... My cell phone packed it in two days ago with all my contacts... so I have been rebuilding my list, then when I went to program them into my new phone, I realized that I have a choice of Russian or Korean NO ENGLISH.... What I do have now is the ability to connect to Internet using the cell phone... Maybe next trip I will do my posts on the road and maybe I will be able to keep up.... Tomorrow is another busy day ... First we will...... oh you better just wait and see.... Going to bed.... first time back into my own bed for almost a week...


Anonymous said...

Rare to we find people living their dreams, I'm glad that its John Wright that is able to that, but living humbly each day. Mark Twain wrote "the most pitiful of men is the one that turns his dreams into Silver and Gold". Your dreams John bring riches that are far greater than worldly goods, your dreams of bringing dignity and Hope to all that you encounter.

Dream big Johnny as you sleep tonight for tomorrow He'll walk with you and light the new dream path.


Dan :)

Anonymous said...

Each tear is held in HIS hands...we totally understand the pain - and it does not go away on this side of the pond. Last night we shared with a group and we have faith they will be the "wind behind the sails of the Kemin senior home"....PTL.


Anonymous said...

As I tend to live vicariously through these blogs, I am finding myself tearing up thinking of leaving my extended family behind once again! How weird is that!

Hug all the "Treasures" if you see them before you come home to us, especially Larissa. Please.

We'll continue to pray for peace, joy, wisdom, and awesome slumber. Of course we will pray you home in complete safety & health.

It will be good to see you. We miss you when you go to your other home too.

May you continue to hear deep calling unto deep so that you experience the richness of His most holy presence and put a great big smile on Abba's face as you gaze upon it!