Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mixed Emotions

This has been a very busy weekend, as well as one filled with emotions... I received notice during the weekend that Julies mom has passed away.. I think of the sorrow that my family is facing at home, and at the same time realizes that I could not make it home in time to be a help in the coming events... I will be heading home on Monday, and will spend the next few days getting things wrapped up here for before I leave.. I feel so bad that I am not there for Julie and the kids, but soon enough I will be with them....

So here is the beginning of the promised report.....

The team arrived at 3:45 and had cleared customs and were in Town by 8:00 to get settled then off for a big day...
9:00 T-shirt Factory
This is the factory where they make the higher end tourist shirts that are in the markets…. Also they make all the police and military uniforms there… We can shop direct for about half the retail price, as well they can specially make anything you like, and have them ready by the time you go home …..
10:00 Dump
At this dump, Larisa finds most of the families that she helps… She goes there regularly to bring food and supplies to them as well as meet any other needs that she can…It was difficult for the team , I don’t think they were expecting to see kids there. This time as well as the hot meal, we brought them Jar’s of Honey… something that will help there imune system, and at the same time will be a real treat for them, something they would otherwise never get to try .
12:00 Invalid Home
This is a home for disabled men… many come here right from the orphanages when they turn 16… It was not uncommon for many of them to die of starvation and freezing every winter…Laurisa's team are the only volinteers that has helped them here.. They have renovated 4 rooms that are used as warming rooms in the winter as well as activity rooms… Many Lives have been changed in the last few months, and we have even begun to see many physical healing as well…... a couple weeks ago PI completed a barber shop and with all the supplies… until now, one blade had to last the barber… 10 days… 287 men and he got one blade every 10 days…. When we spoke with the director he shared that the water pump that supplies the home and two surrounding villages had broken down and the one they had was a loaner… We agreed to purchase it for him… It will be $300, We did not want to appear to take the request to lightly, so we told him we would work on it and will have the money for him by Monday…
2:00 Pizza Party
This is the village where a team from Norwood brought water… it had been 10 years since the town had running water… the water was brought to the centre of town, and put in front of Laura’s house … A house that was renovated by a team from Kitchener 3 years ago…Again, The only contact that this village has had from outside their community has been PI and Lamb workers… Currently we have a once a week “Coffee hour”, and usually have between 35 to 40 people… the entire population of this village is 120 people… The best laid planes of mice and men….. when we arrived, the party was high jacked by a group of the Kyrgy’s ladies… They took us to another house where a celebration meal was prepared, and the team was shown how the babies are swaddled and tied into the cribs and the wooden catheters are used.. ten how they are feed… the problem was wit the time delay in translation, it all was happening before we could make an excuse to be out of there… OH My…… Then after a little dancing in the court yard, it was over to the real party… again there was something about NO FOOD that they missed… we were served Lagman, palmene, soup of some sort, as well as a few other dished, then finally the pizza… this gave us about ½ hour to digest before supper…..
4:30 Beshbarmak
This is a traditional Kyrgies meal… Besh --- Five barmak ---fingers… traditionally it is a common plate and everyone eats with their hands… today the meal has been prepared to western food standards, and only the best meat…no guts…. It is at the home of Acela’s mother in law… she received a simple dream last year of chickens to supplement her income.
10:00 Kindergarten
This is a community project that we have been asked to help with … They have renovated the entire building, and are just about ready to open… it has been supported by many of the locals and most of the work has been volunteer.. they are hoping to open on June 1, and needed help with mattresses, blankets, and school supplies… They loved the school supplies we brought as well as the new mattresses… we have been invited back for the grand opening in the 25 , This will be the last day for the team and myself, so I have so much else to be doing, but they want us there as the President will be there as well….. maybe I can get Serge to go for me.
12:00 Seniors home
Many of our friends have been involved in the opening of this seniors home… without documents many seniors are living on the street, and even with the proper documentation, they cannot go to a government seniors home if there are any living relatives… The building needs a lot of work, but the need for this service is so great that they had to do something to help… The director and her husband have given everything they own to open this… PI and our friends have found sponsors to provide food drops, beds, furniture, and last week hot water and a shower…

1:30 Feeding program
This building was purchased with donations from Loads of love, and the play ground was built by the youth team from Norwood… the feeding program is sponsored by PI, right now with the winter being over and fresh food available, the feeding program has been reduced to 3 days a week from 5, but the shut in’s are still contacted daily… The center also runs a 5 day a week children’s program in the summer in the playground. It to is sponsored by PI.
2:00 Orphanage
The kids were eager to put on a dance show for the team , and it was great for them to see the work completed that they had had such a large part in.
4:00 Rahema
This is a mother with 2 little children that was thrown out on the street by her husband , and her documents were burned… she was at the orphanage for a time, and is now living in a house that was purchased by PI last year… she still has some issues that Sergey and Anya are working through with her. But is now starting to try to develop a baking business out of the home. This is the first time that Sam has had a chance to visit the home.
4:30 Aigoola
This home was purchased and renovated by Loads of love for the use of this family of 5 kids and their Mom… The youth team from Norwood built a barn and an out house as well as purchased the winters coal, and food for the animals… The animals were sponsored through PI as well as three sheep replaced a few weeks ago by a LAMb team from Cleavland. The oldest daughter is sponsored to work for the centre in the summer, she helps with both the seniors and the children… They family has just had a sponsor to help them set up a sewing business, and many of the sewing jobs that we find …like the new mattresses for the kindergarten , will be directed their way.
5:30 Baranna Tower
This is one of the oldest buildings on the silk road… it is historically a peaceful village , it is one of the only villages in the region that was not concurred by Gangues con. From the top of the tower, you can see the ancient city walls, and the site of the palace. The team was told that there would be a few other recipients of simple dreams that would be meeting them there… when they arrived, there was 195 people from the surrounding villages to meet them .. We had friends prepare a huge batch of ploff and all the trimmings … despite the rain, everyone had a great time… Getting that many people who have been touched by the program into one place was very moving.
That catches me up 2 days… I will try for some more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Julie and your family right now, knowing that in the sorrow there is a peace that pases our understanding.

Great report and summary of some of the work that has been able to accomplish with your feet on the ground ministry and PI support.

We all miss you and look forward to your return to us next week, but we all know that you'll be back there as soon as He arranges so.


Dan :)

Hilary Marquis said...

I am so sorry to hear about Julie's mom. We will pray for your family's peace and comfort. And also that you would be able to wrap things up before you go. Thank you for being such a blessing to so many. You ARE restoring HOPE!

Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny,
Our prayers are still being sent to Daddy on your behalf and that of the teams you're working with and all of our special treasures there.
Tomorrow there is a bunch going to Lindsay to stand with Dan, Julie, Dianne and the family. We will do our best to be there for them until you return.
Families walk this journey together whether they are a nuclear family, an extended family or God's family. You go? We go!
Thank you, everyone, for all you have done and all you are doing.
Oh, He is worthy to be praised!!

Lori said...

So many prayers for you, Julie, the girls and all who knew your mother-in-law. We know your hearts are heavy, and we lift you in prayer and love. God Bless.