Monday, May 25, 2009

Come for a visit

This Saturday, May 30, we are having an all day party.

Emma is 18, Happy Birthday and John is coming home, Welcome Home.

We will have Brunch at 11:am, visiting all day, supper and then a huge Bonfire in the evening.

It would be great if you came when you could and stayed as long as you want. Bring a lawn chair and bug spray.

I can't wait, this should fun, it will be awesome to see everyone.

If you can come, email/facebook/phone us for more information.


Hilary Marquis said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!! Welcome home John! I wish we could be there to celebrate with you. We'll think of you when we celebrate Toby's 6th on Wednesday :)

Anonymous said...

You guys remind me of the Timex Watch commercials and of course the Everready Bunny! :)
See you there,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma. Wishing you lots of blessings on your special day. Lots of hugs, Nicole & Brian

Anonymous said...

Happy Big 18th Birthday Emma!!!!!Welcome Back to this time zone John you have been missed and are missed, here and abroad, you truly run on your vision that you have. Bless you and your family. The bonfire sounds like goooooood time,if the troups(GIRLS) are able we will be there. Pete,Bete,Nicole,rachel,Grace

Anonymous said...

Wow...wish we could be there - we just left that area to return to our home town. Happy Birthday Emma! So exciting - 18 is a special one!

Welcome Home John...we will be back there on Monday - let's plan to get together either Monday or Tuesday evening.


Ivy Lee said...

Happy 18th Emma! John, glad to hear you made it home safely.