Monday, May 11, 2009

A cool new project

Today we started off with a meeting at the office of the mayor's assistant in one of the local villages... They are opening a kindergarten. After a short visit, we went out to meet with the mayor of all the region, and get an opportunity .. to see the facility first hand... It is such an incredible place... they have done so much work there already. The building had sat empty for about 10 years. They have remodeled it, and it looks great.. there is also a huge playground for the kids as well... In this village, many of the parents work in the fields, and to have a subsidized day care will be an incredible help to them. Many of the different projects are sponsored by other local charitable organizations, and most of the work has been a volunteer effort... I am always so encouraged when I see a village coming together to help each other.... The building is now ready for the final touches... This is a photo standing in the play room looking into the bed room... you can see the toys ready on the shelves.... This next photo is a before photo of the bathroom, then here is the after photo... it is nearly finished ... I inquired about what they have left to complete... they are in good shape with many organization pulling together... the only thing that they have not been able to complete is that they need 120 small mattresses, and some school / craft supplies... supplies. I have some friends from PI coming this week, and hopefully they are able to make it through with blankets and craft supplies that Julie packed up a couple days ago.... I will also see what I can do about having the mattresses made for them...

As you can see in this last photo, the volunteers are now busy getting the outside cleaned up.... They are hoping to open on June 1 st for Children's day.... I explained that My resources were limited, but that I would do what we could , but just touring the facility was exciting and encouraging for both of us... As you can imagine this is an incredibly important and a so needed project. It will help bring stability and safety to hundreds of kids who would otherwise be on there own....

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Anonymous said...

Sweet report!!

Love the before and afters ... I bet there will be those in heaven when God does a before and after of our own lives!!

Blessings and see you soon