Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What drives you ?

This is one of those photos that is etched into my memory. I was working in an Orphanage in Xxxxxx. I was building physio therapy equipment there, and from where I was working, I looked across the court yard at these kids. Despite all the workers that the group we were helping had hired to assist in the Orphanage, only about 300 of the 400 kids were supported. In this 12 x 12 room, about 14 kids spent their day, with nothing at all to amuse themselves. One popular game was to push on their eye lids, and experience the star bursts....It was not un common to push to hard and dislodge their eye's from the sockets.
I saw the contrast between those in the orphanage that were being supported and those that were not. I found out that $ 360 a year would hire a teacher that would spend the day with these kids.

We found that it's not just the kids that need help. Many times in third world countries seniors are also neglected.
I was a witness to, too many things on that trip...It was then that I determined to make a difference! As my Buddy Sam says ," I need to purpose myself to be a voice for those without a voice!"

James 1:27 says that Religion that God finds pure and faultless is to visit Widows and Orphans in there time of need....You know there is a lot about religion we can argue and debate, but not that !

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