Friday, April 13, 2007

Can You Only Imagine ?

Can you imagine how great it would be if we could right the wrongs of his world ?
Can you imagine how great it would be if we could mend the broken?
Can you imagine how great it would be if we make sure every child grew up in a home surrounded by love ?
There are people out there that are doing more than just Imagining....they are taking concrete steps to change the world.....ONE child at a time .

Here is a recent post from my friend Sammy.

Meet Anvar. He is from Central Asia and lives at an orphanage that I am quite familiar with. Matter of fact, I know a couple workers in the orphanage. Anvar is totally blind in one eye and the his other eye is hindered by a cataract. While visiting this orphanage just a couple weeks ago I found out that Anvar had a pretty good chance of getting some vision back in his good eye with an operation. The cost of the operation? About $500US. Anvar is sponsored(through Possibilities International Sponsorship Program) by a single Mom in Canada(she gives $28/month). It was a huge step for her on her income but she emailed me to tell me that she wanted to give $250US to the operation costs. is true that Possibilities International could pick up the rest of the operation costs, and we will, if need be. However, maybe you are out there in cyberland and would like to kick in to help Anvar get some sight back in his one eye? The money will be managed worries there...our ladies over there are machines....and pictures will follow. Any amount would help. Please feel free to contact me at

Can you Only Imagine ?
or can you join us and do something concrete ?

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